Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quietly sneaking in...

Without officially splashing loudly into the pool, I'm dipping my toes in first. Loud splash to follow. Since this is my first official blog post, I feel like I should wish me luck or something. Mostly, I need to see how this works. And to explain the video posted below. Two years ago, Food Network contacted me and asked me to submit a quick video audition, and this is what I sent. I guess it worked, because I've been on a few times!
Since there are no real links yet, I'm not sure who may stumble upon this. But to anyone who does, tune in to Last Cake Standing, starting April 3rd. I'll be assisting Joshua John Russell, my co worker, friend and frequent travel companion, as he competes for the $100,000 prize!

And if you should find me pre-launch, then stay tuned! There's lots to talk about, pictures to see, shows to watch, classes to plan...I'm so READY to get STARTED!

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  1. Quite a first blog there (and a few after that too)... this was a good one.. Frame it perhaps.. ?

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