Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sugar Zoo

Today's post is a little less "this is how I did it" and a lot more "this is what I've done". I'd hoped to have a post about the making of a Scarlett O'Hara cake, but the fickle Miss Scarlett cancelled her party. Well fiddle-dee-dee. I was going to do the green gown, but now it's curtains. (I posted that line on Facebook, and I think everyone missed the joke, but I'm not giving up...), and alas, there were no cakes these past few weeks which I would like to show you the making of. There was another Gucci purse with a yorkie, this time it had hundred dollar bills in its mouth and bursting out of the purse. I love you all too much, and frankly, I can't really explain that one.

But it did make me reflect on animal cakes I've done, and this brings me to today's post. Animals are one of the most popular themes for cakes. Everyone wants their dog made from something they can cut into and eat. I guess. No one ever asks for their cat. Now there's a subject to ponder...