Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh yes I CAN-CAN!

Hello people of Bloglandia! I have been drifting out somewhere on the fringes of the Blogosphere, but I have returned! (Actually I have been to the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show by the invitation of Kerry Vincent, giving  demonstrations and teaching classes!)  While I deeply respect those people who blog with such regularity,  alas, I may never be one of them. But I have dusted off the cobwebs here at Special Sugar, brewed a huge cafe con leche, and I'm ready to post something new!

I recently had the opportunity to make a cake for an event benefitting Kate's Club here in Atlanta. Kate's Club is a place for kids who have lost family members. They can hang out and talk to other kids who understand what they are going through. Amazing, right?

The event was a cabaret, in the style of Moulin Rouge. They gave me free range to do what ever I wanted (rubs hands together with devilish expression), so I said "OOOOH, I'm making a big Can Can Dancer!!!!" before they had a chance to suggest restraint and good taste.

Right around the same time, I got a call from a German television show called Galileo, asking if I had any good cakes coming up that they could film me making. " a matter of fact.." So they flew a small crew in, and they filmed the making of Busty McChesterfield. (of COURSE Joshua came up with that!)

So let me show you what I did...