Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh yes I CAN-CAN!

Hello people of Bloglandia! I have been drifting out somewhere on the fringes of the Blogosphere, but I have returned! (Actually I have been to the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show by the invitation of Kerry Vincent, giving  demonstrations and teaching classes!)  While I deeply respect those people who blog with such regularity,  alas, I may never be one of them. But I have dusted off the cobwebs here at Special Sugar, brewed a huge cafe con leche, and I'm ready to post something new!

I recently had the opportunity to make a cake for an event benefitting Kate's Club here in Atlanta. Kate's Club is a place for kids who have lost family members. They can hang out and talk to other kids who understand what they are going through. Amazing, right?

The event was a cabaret, in the style of Moulin Rouge. They gave me free range to do what ever I wanted (rubs hands together with devilish expression), so I said "OOOOH, I'm making a big Can Can Dancer!!!!" before they had a chance to suggest restraint and good taste.

Right around the same time, I got a call from a German television show called Galileo, asking if I had any good cakes coming up that they could film me making. " a matter of fact.." So they flew a small crew in, and they filmed the making of Busty McChesterfield. (of COURSE Joshua came up with that!)

So let me show you what I did...

In building my armature, I had to plan support for the figure, which needed to float out in front of the cake rather than emerging from the center as most of them do.

Next I piled on the cake. I think I ended up using 16 full sheets of yellow cake, soaked with Grand Marnier, with chocolate butter cream.

Once the cake was filled and in place, i carved some folds into it to create the look of bunched fabric. Ordinarily I would have used the fondant to make the folds in the fabric, but this is such a big skirt I wanted the folds to be big and deep enough.

Next came the big sheet of fondant. This part is always challenging. I lucked out on the Sumo Cake, as one try gave me the perfect covering.  However, Ms McChesterfield proved slightly more challenging. We had a few rips in the fondant here and there, but as I always say, if you can't hide it, decorate it!

Now the fun. I would like to take a moment here to point out our fabulous newly renovated workspace! Hallalujer!
Even though I have folds in the fabric, I added more to increase the realism. I want her to be holding the edge of her skirt, so I need a bunched up look.

As you can see, the fondant needs some refining. 
Next I forced Joshua to get up under her skirt and make a bajillion ruffles, even though he protested that it made him uncomfortable. Too bad! Get up under that hood and fix that skirt!

He did a bang-up job, btw.
From here on it's all details. (That's where the devil lives).

I do love the details! 

There she goes! Out the door to entertain at the cabaret! Busty, I loved you for the few moments I knew you! (Dancers...they'll break your heart...)

And just for fun, here's the cake I did at the Oklahoma show, assisted by Joshua...

Happy Halloween!!!!!

PS, you can see me this month on Halloween Wars, on Food Network, Sundays at 9 and in repeats here and there during the week. Tune in and see me get all girly gushy over Rob Zombie! (I'm a fan, what can I say...)


  1. you awesome, awesome woman! Joshua's fabulous too btw, ;)

  2. I love love love your figurine cakes, I'd never seen anything like them until I was whisked away to your site (can't remember how I got here actually). They all have so much personality, they seem like the women you'd want to eat cake with!

    I especially love your can-can girl's hair, how beautiful!

  3. I just have to say that you're a badass!
    I love everything you've done & the cake at the OSSAS was awesome. I loved watching you & Joshua create something so amazing!

  4. Karen,
    I am continually in awww of the talent you do with cakes. You inspire me to think out side the box when it comes to me decorate home cakes for my family. Thanks also for your blogs. It is fun to read. Hats off to Joshua also! I look forward to seeing you and the team in Part 3 Halloween Wars. Cinderella was wicked.
    Your fan always,
    Cheryl/ Oregon

  5. Oh my goodness! You are fantastic! I have seen some amazing cakes in my live, but this one is about the best I have seen! Love it! Nona Bannon, Federal Way, Washington.

  6. I'm rooting for Team Bling Bats all the way! The Sleeping Beauty horror interpretation was AMAZING. If I had infinite money I would hire all of you to dream up amazing creations for my annual Halloween/Birthday bash! You make the most stunning cakes I have ever seen.

  7. Wow. Thank you for sharing this! Was the figure itself made of modeling chocolate?

  8. WOW! I agree, totally awesome! Love it!

  9. love love love it! it's breaking boundaries. if you teach, please come to malaysia! it's challenging with our weather tho'. rock on!

  10. Fabulous! When are you coming to the UK? We need your cakey goodness here! xx

  11. wow! incredible work of art!

  12. Amazing! Congratulations for your wonderful work!

  13. I've popped over from natasha's suggestion at neviepiecakes to look at the sculpture and I'm overwhelmed at your genius! Wonderful, wonderful.

  14. Karen, you are amazing!!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful blog and play by play pictures!!

  15. You are the best cake designer I've ever seen... I'm enchantend in looking your wonderful cakes!! P.s. sorry for my english :-)

  16. Busty looks like she's ready to shake the house down! She is a wonderfully expressive cake, You are so very talented Karen, as I'm sure you know. ~(^-^)~

  17. Gorgeous cakes! We are watching you on Food Network's Halloween Wars. Hope you win/won!

  18. Thank you all! How very generous!!
    Yes, the bodies of both cakes are modeling chocolate, covered with fondant.
    If you all want to see some delicate, sweet, amazing gorgeous cakes, go to !

  19. Espectacular tu bailarina de Can can. Eres una artista.

  20. These look delicious! Love your blog,Hundreds of gorgeous chocolate cake recipes

  21. Hi
    I have seen your work in our german tv (Galileo).
    From this moment I'm a big fan of your work.
    There are no words who describe, what kind of great job you do. You are a special, amazing artist.
    Lovely greet

    PS: I hope my englisch isn't horrible

  22. Un-friggin-REAL!! You blow my mind!! I just looooove your cakes!

  23. You are amazing - but then so is Rob Zombie :) :) x

  24. You´re Amazing!!! Wuaooooooo!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

  25. Speechless!!!! GONGRATULATION!!!!

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